I was born in the spring – it’s my favourite season after autumn because the autumn hues make up my colour palette. I love the fresh coolish days of spring that bring that hint of warmer weather. 

Let’s expand on last fortnights fabulous spring trends…

As mentioned, this spring is all about the fluid, floaty and feminine appeal – reminiscent of the romantic 19th century style movement. We’ll be seeing animal print in a big way in all things clothing and accessories. Alphabet jewellery is also making a comeback – a necklace letter will give your outfits some spring zing!


The silky slip skirt…

The silky slip dress was a must have back in the 90’s, but the sister of the slip dress is making its ‘mark’ this season. The slip skirt looks more like evening wear, but don’t wait for a special occasion as it’s simple to dress down. The slip skirt is wonderfully versatile as you can don your favourite jumper, tee, shirt or skivvy for any occasion. It welcomes any shoe style too – team it with ankle boots, sneakers, heels, thongs or a pair of the beloved trendy mule. The slip skirt won’t appeal to everyone for a few reasons. One is the shine of the fabrication which reflects light drawing attention to the wearer and that means to areas you may not want to draw attention.

A dark receding neutral like rust, burgundy, brown, olive, grey, navy or black can help solve this issue.

The other reason is the particular design of the slip skirt during the sewing process. In short, it’s the technique of cutting on the diagonal grain of the fabric or, at 45 degrees rather than the straight and cross grains. This technique causes the fabric to fall, stretch and drape in a way that creates the garment to sit very close to the body revealing the true silhouette of the wearer. An all over dense pattern is a great option for flattering the tummy, hips and thighs.


Matching Sets…

I’m loving this matchy-matchy trend at the moment, even though it may take some searching to find the perfect co-ords. It’s also a great excuse to do a monochromatic (one colour) colour scheme if you’ve not tried that before. It’s always more timeless done in neutrals and then there’s the option of wearing the two items separately. A monochromatic matching set would be ideal for the petite as colour breaks and focal points are ruled out at the waist – this ‘one long line’ also adds the illusion of height.

You’ll see this trend offering the cropped top option which won’t suit everyone for obvious reasons. Look for a top with a slightly longer hem-line that sits just under your belly button or at the hip bone level. Also, make sure that the waistband of the trousers, skirts or shorts is slightly higher or high waisted. Avoid the bulky look with a super comfy flat wide waistband. And lastly, throw on a blazer if this trend is a tad out of your style relm to get the best of both worlds.

As seen in http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/



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