Spring clothes

Spring 2015

Goodbye winter – spring is finally here and not too soon either! Now we just need a rise in the temperature to wear our spring clothes, rather than the multiple layers I’m sure we’re all well and truly over. While the new season clothes do resemble much of last year, there is always a new edge or attitude to the designs and styles which allows for fun and creativity.

With a bit of concious and careful shopping time you can easily upgrade with a few new pieces that go with what you already own. I’ve already collected a total of six items that I love and adore. Each garment will happily serve my wardrobe needs for several springs and not just this one. Why? Because each piece matches and/or suits my personality, colouring, age, physical dimensions, lifestyle/work and the Adelaide climate.

Only one piece was not on sale – $406 in total, that works out at $67.66 for each item. Spring shopping does not have to cost you ‘an arm and a leg’ either.

Here are my very cherished new spring pieces…

Spring clothes


1. An ‘always in’ light weight caramel coloured trench coat. This is my most significant key piece for spring and will allow me to create more than one fabulous capsule wardrobe! Neutrals of course are the best colours for creating capsule wardrobes – that is 10-12 items that work tirelessly together giving you multiple outfit options.

2. Sleeveless long off white duster coat. This item has slowly come in over the last year but a little stronger this spring. It’s a classic relaxed look and can really modernise and take an otherwise plain pair of jeans and top to a whole new level of classy.

3. Print slim leg pants. These have been around for a few seasons now but keep coming through. Print pants can be an easy piece to make multiple outfits for spring. Choose a pair that match the colours of all your tops and shirts you already own. Take them with you to the stores to match if you need to.

Spring clothes

4. Silk khaki cargo’s. Once again utilising neutrals for key pieces will serve you well and for longer in your wardrobe. The cargo is not only comfy but can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A silk in my case will be a dressy item and can be worn with multi coloured print tops and solid colours alike.

5. Mustard cropped ¾ top. Cropped tops are coming in with a vengeance this spring. When I say cropped that doesn’t mean we expose the tummy! These work well with higher waisted skirts or pants. They also rule out unnecessary bulk at the waist and long tops that are a real pain to ‘tuck in’.

6. Green tunic dress. A comfortable and easy item to wear. They’re great layered when it’s a little cooler and can be worn with skinny leg trousers from my autumn winter wardrobe – leggings and tights are the other options. The tunic is a great alternative to a skirt and top because of it’s vertical line – it especially looks great on the curvy woman.

Spring clothes

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