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Dear Lizzy,

I really enjoy your column and all your handy tips! I am a very busy mum of three kids, have a small home based business, and lots more on my plate. Therefore, the last thing I feel like doing is shopping for clothes all the time to always look my best. Do you have a any ideas on how to manage this part of my life so it becomes a little more effortless, and yet suits my busy lifestyle?

As a busy mum myself with a small business I can relate to this question completely. Many of my clients are also busy mums and need to get ready in the morning with no fuss and no time to waste!

Yes, I have a practical plan you can apply every morning to look great while in a hurry!

You will need to invest in 10-12 clothing items consisting of short and long sleeve tops, a jacket, cardigan/vest, jeans or pants, 3-4 pairs of shoes, and 3-4 different accessories. It generally makes it easier if your toppers are in solid colours, that way you can match pattern or stripe tops to go underneath.

Every top, jacket, vest/ cardi needs to match with each of the bottoms. And each top needs to look great underneath each of the jacket, vest/cardi creating fabulous versatility. Your shoes and bags in particular also need to work with every outfit to allow you to change up the look – do these in light or dark neutrals if possible.

Your scarves and jewellery don’t need to match perfectly with every outfit. This is where you can have great variety and an abundance to make up even more outfits.

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to get your wardrobe to work really hard for you, save money and not to mention precious time!

You may already possess some of the items needed, so check your wardrobe first before going out and buy yet more clothes. Apply this plan to your own personality of course, that way you are more likely to get maximum mileage out of it if you do.




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