Spring 2015

So spring has arrived and the weather will no doubt begin to warm up. These two factors will inevitably bring our attention to our wardrobe and what we’re going to wear day to day throughout spring. If you haven’t yet been shopping or can’t stand the thought, now is the time to get up close and personal with what’s hanging in your wardrobe!

How many spring clothes are there that have not yet been worn? How many clothes are hanging there that you love but not sure how to wear? Good questions to consider right at the start of a new season.

Firstly, bring all those items out of your wardrobe and lay them on your bed. Now have a good look and decide which items you love best – then try them on, one by one. Trying each piece on will help remind you of why you purchased it in the first place. Look hard in the mirror and work out why you’ve not worn this clothing item, and why you perhaps find it difficult to wear or mix and match.

Is it that you liked it on someone else or on the rack? Is the colour not quite right? Is it too big or too small for you? Is the length not quite right? Is it exposing more of your body than you’d like? Do you feel it makes you look old or too young? Is the print/pattern too large or too small for you. Is it a bit ‘out there’ for your personality. Does the item feel really random? And does it look just as good on you now?

Spring clothes

Now assess honestly what you actually love about the clothing piece and get creative to make it wardrobe worthy.

Create different outfit ideas with other basic pieces you already own.

It may just need a particular pair of shoes or necklace to give it some wow factor.

Put your favourite colour with it in something you would not normally do to give it some life.

Create an entire outfit head to toe using this unworn garment to see it really come alive.

Try it with different textures, prints and patterns to give it pizazz!

Create a look using this item that highlights your uniqueness.

It may just need adjusting to make it work and or fit better.

Consider getting the garment made into something else, for example a dress into a tunic top.

Only wear this clothing piece to the perfect and appropriate occasion so you feel fabulous in it.

Take a photo of yourself in the outfit creation to remember it for the future.

And if need be take it to the stores to match it up with something new and something you love.

Spring 2015

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