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Over the last two posts, I’ve talked about ageism and tips for buying bathers this summer. While I was pondering about what to write this fortnight I thought about these two topics. While very different subjects in themselves and the content I covered for each, they are indeed issues close to many women’s hearts.

I, therefore went about asking a variety of women (all 40’s and 50’s age group) from different walks of life to share the challenges they face regarding image, shopping and getting dressed!

The feedback was honest and real and of course no surprise to me. But despite the culture we live in, of ‘abundance and choice’, women continue to feel frustrated and often at a loss when it comes to their wardrobe!

Is ‘ageism’, the worship of youth, the pressure to look perfect and what trends dictated reflected in their comments and feedback – quite possibly!

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Here’s what some of the lovely ladies shared with me…

Kerryn – Shopping for me has never been a pleasant experience. I don’t ‘shop for fun’ and only shop by necessity. The biggest issues I face are having no God-given talent in identifying what would go with what! I am terrible at accessorising, so at the risk of looking stupid, choose the ‘simple’ look. I also get very frustrated with the size differences between store to store. I hate trying items on and having to take two sizes of each item ‘just in case’.

Lyndal – For me, I’ve gained 3kg. Might not sound like much, but on a smallish frame, it gets magnified quickly. I don’t like the way I look in anything. I get tired when I shop so I get bored easily. I usually shop on my own and don’t always trust my own judgement or the shop assistants. Again, shopping on your own is boring in my opinion. Largely, says I have self-acceptance issues.

I guess that’s another reason I need you in my life, Lizzy!

Beck – As a plus size woman, I find myself having to settle for the clothes that I can find in my size, rather than clothes I really love. I find that stores tend to stock plus-sized clothing in styles that suit older women, while nice plus size clothing tends to be expensive.

Leonie – My frustration would be feeling the pressure of dressing appropriately for my age. I’ve always liked new trends because I like change and get bored with the same old wardrobe. Plus I love clothes!

I guess it would be looking ‘fashionable’ with the latest styles but keeping it age-appropriate at the same time. Our age (50) still desires to ‘look good’ but there’s less guidance. Magazines are so focused on young people and models. And while I do love fashion bloggers (for the over 40s and 50s), there’s not many of them. I can see how women my age feel overwhelmed shopping for clothes and therefore, don’t bother – we’re not young but not old either.

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