Here’s more of what I covered in my last post – the common and frustrating challenges real women face when it comes to shopping and getting dressed. While the challenges varied between the women who shared their thoughts, two concerns are repeated over again.
Firstly, that garment sizes are all over the place, and secondly, being told by a sales assistant something looks ‘good’ when in fact it really doesn’t.
With the January sales upon us, and if I know women, and I think I do, more unloved, unnecessary and incorrect clothes will again wind up in their wardrobes.
Tips to solve all of the above next fortnight!

Mandy – I love to go shopping – I always feel great when I buy something new.
The challenge I face when shopping would have to be not having the perfect shape to suit all styles of clothing. In the past, I would find that very depressing. But with age and maturity I’m definitely more okay with my shape and clothing style now, but sometimes I still get annoyed.

Jo – The three areas of challenge for me.
The Style – in general, clothing choices are dictated by fashion houses of the moment. It can be tricky to buy something specific as it many not be readily available in the colour or cut that you prefer.
The Price – clothing boutiques are pricier than chain stores, so one must wait for sales or choose carefully at full price.
The Size – clothing sizes are not standard across fashion labels, therefore trying clothing on pre-purchase is a must.

Carey – What I don’t enjoy about dressing and shopping.
1. No standard sizing system. I have to generally take several sizes in each item into the cubicle with me, and trying them all on takes extra time and energy.
2. Salespeople bullshitting to me and telling me I look great in something when it’s obvious that what I’ve tried on is truly dreadful. That’s one advantage of going on a shopping trip with you Lizzy. You know what suits and give knowledgeable, honest guidance and inspiration. You know what you’re doing and you’re a bullshit free zone!
3. Shopping in seasons when the style or colours that suit me are not in fashion. I wish the fashion industry understood that we’re not all the same colouring, style or shape. For example, this past year I bought most items in white and gray because my other colours just weren’t “in”. It would be great if there was something for everyone every season. When the fashion is in my favour, I buy up big.

Eve – Since having a baby I really dislike shopping and getting dressed is a nightmare too.
Firstly, my body has changed so much, therefore, I no longer know how to dress for it.
Secondly, I just don’t have time to browse the shops to see what fits and looks good, and thirdly, I don’t trust the sales assistants to be honest when something looks wrong.
It never bothered me before as I had time to decide for myself but now I’m time poor – I need straight shooting from the hip type of advice.

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