This is a great topic to discuss. It’s also an important factor for good clothing investment as you’ll wear your clothes more if you not only love them, but if they fit well too.

I generally suggest forgetting about labels and sizes while selecting your beloved garments. And as I’ve said many times in my fortnightly column – when something fits you perfectly it will appear more expensive and look as though it was tailor made for you. With that said, having a good tailor is handy as they can adjust most fitting flaws.

How should our garments fit?


1. A jacket should not pull across your shoulder blades.

2. The shoulder seam should sit right on your shoulder.

3. Any shoulder padding should end at the end of your natural shoulder.

4. If the shoulders are too small your arms will appear to jut out in width compared to the rest of your body. You may also notice arm movement restrictions, and an uncomfortable tightness.

5. If the shoulders are too wide not only will you look too broad shouldered, but the sleeve will begin further down your arm than it should which may cause restriction in arm movement.

6. Reaching across your body with one arm to grab the opposite arm will give you an idea if the shoulders are too big. If you see the shoulder pad jutting out, it’s too big.

7. The lapels must lie flat.

8. The vents should not pull open.

9. You should be able to cross your arms across your body.

10. You must be able to button up without any pulling.

11. The torso of a jacket should run along the line of your curves when buttoned but not pull tight.

12. As a rule your jacket should easily button over the largest part of your torso

13. The sleeve should run close to your arm for a slim, sleek look.

14. Arm holes shouldn’t be much wider than your upper arm.

15. An average length sleeve, when standing straight with your arms at your sides, should end near the joint where your thumb connects at your wrist.

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