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1. The less you pack the less you unpack on the ship, & back at home. Less washing also!

2. Think back to your last trip and try to remember what you took that you didn’t need or wear & leave it home this time.

3. Only pack what you love, fits well, looks good on, & you wear often.

4. Use a carry-on suitcase with outside pockets for more room.

5. You’re less likely to loose your luggage with a carry-on case, spend less time in airports, & get in a cab quicker!

6. Best Fabrics… knits rather than woven with no stretch – fine merino wool, jersey, chiffon, viscose & fine cottons – these dry quicker also.

7. Apply the fabric scrunch test in your hand to see if creases before you pack it.

8. Fabrics to avoid… heavy denim, chunky wools, linen, polar fleece & stiff cottons

9. Take your best med-dark colours so they look less dirty.

10. Don’t take anything that can’t be worn with just about everything you take.

11. Rather than cart lots of jewellery, wear embellished tops and tops with patterns/prints.

12. If you’re not sure about doing some exercise take yoga pants/tee to workout, & sleep in rather than take gym gear.

13. Handy kaftans, sarongs, & maxi dresses are cool but also cover you up to respect other cultures.

14. Backpack items for a long hall flight…

Leave some room at the top to bring any new items home! Cardi/wool shawl, warm socks, all paperwork, book, glasses, make up, medications, toothbrush/floss, lip balm, deodorant, perfume, full water bottle, phone/charger, small umbrella, comb/hairbrush, hand cream, face washer, face spray, eye mask, pain relief, vitamin c, camera, fold away fabric bag, mints, small pack of tissues.

16. Don’t need to take: Dressing gowns, hair dryer, towels, tissues, soap, shampoo & conditioner, sheets, blankets & some medical items.

17. Go shopping on the ship…

Hats, sunscreen, jewellery, clothes, bags, perfume & lots of other personal toiletries.

18. Remember you only unpack & pack once!

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