In recent years op shopping has become very popular, and even a necessity for some given the high prices we pay for clothing in Australia. Op shopping makes it’s possible to literally walk out the door in designer clothes for a fraction of the price! I found a favourite blazer from an op shop two years ago, and it’s still a key piece for my spring/summer wardrobe – and at $5 the cost per-wear has been phenomenal! However, we can still waste time, money and energy in op shops, therefore what you buy still needs to have purpose and suit you to avoid wardrobe clutter.

Tips on op shopping.

  1. How to find op shops in your area.

There is a fabulous website that lists every op shop in the country – go to to find op shops in your area and suburb.

  1. The best time to go op shopping?

Donations are generally made on the weekends and Mondays, therefore Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days op shops are abundant with fresh new stock.

  1. Where are the cheapest and most expensive op shops?

Op shops in outer suburbs and regional areas are the cheapest to shop in, but also happen to stock the largest variety of items. These often are the stores that designer labels go unnoticed in. Keep in mind the Salvo’s have a half price day everyday to move stock on. The closer an op shop is to the CBD the more expensive the clothes. These stores have to cover rent, wages, rates and general bills like all other retail outlets. City op shops tend to be more high end fashion savvy, are familiar with designer labels, and therefore price their stock accordingly. This also means good quality clothing will be snapped up quickly by experienced op shoppers.

  1. Tips for shopping?

It’s wise to have something in mind or a list before you head out. However, op shopping will be very hit and miss, therefore have some fun and use it as an opportunity to perhaps try pieces you wouldn’t normally. I recommend trying everything on as you don’t want to be disappointed when you get home and it looks wrong on you. Remember when something fits us perfectly it looks more expensive, and as though it’s been made especially for us. You still need to really love the item you are considering as this will be very satisfying every time you wear it. The more you have to wear with the item the more you’ll utilise it – so be picky.

  1. Wise op shop choices!

Really assess the garment/accessory that you’re considering. Leave behind any items that are too long, short, big or small for you, has stains, holes, tears or looks old. If something is in excellent condition, and needs adjusting it maybe worth it buying. It may just need a good dry clean to have the garment looking brand new again.

So with autumn not too far off – what are the items to look for to have you looking modern and up-to-date while supporting a charity?

The mood for autumn 2015 will be a sporty verses neat appeal, and particularly for outerwear. Look for parkers and oversized warm jackets as the throw-on blanket coat will be huge! If you spot a duffle coat that echoes the 60’s , grab that too as we’ll see these for autumn.

Be on the lookout for big bloom print dresses or sixties style shifts – these should be easy to find in an op shop as they’re quite classic. Do some unexpected layering with a soft loose sweater over a pin tucked or embroidered shirt , then add a classic fur jacket or vest over the top.

Mix a touch of feminine with lace to some texture for a slight masculine combo. Blend some high low fashion pieces together for some op shop fun. Long cardigans are also here for autumn, so hunt for one in a neutral for easy mix and match. Lastly, indulge in anything quirky or unique that you’ll love wearing and will make you smile!

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