If you’re a big fan of leggings then you’ll love the leather version – it’s a great way to update and modernise this look. Remember leggings are considered an accessory and not pants, therefore you’ll need to cover bottom and crutch with long upper body garments. A tunic, dress or long shirt worn over your leather leggings will give a very polished and classy appeal as leather always looks expensive.

Having said that – if a pair of leather leggings is out of your budget this season, consider a pair of pleather ones as I did. This is a leather alternative or a plastic leather made from polyurethane PU. It looks just the same, but is even softer and more flexible than leather while costing 3-4 times less than the real deal.

This fabrication is apparently woven to allow breath-ability, and if dirt appears, that’s easy to wipe off also. And for individuals against wearing animal products this is a fabulous leather alternative for you!



ImageProxy              pleather



Then we have the skinny leg version leather pants which can be worn with your shorter upper body garments. Just like denim skinny jeans these also need to suit the wearer appropriately. If they’re not suiting your particular body then pop a long line garment over the top. You’ll still get the best of both worlds here as the sheen of the pleather or leather reflects some light drawing attention. Perhaps make use of funky shoes to make your outfit look fun and interesting!

Another wonderful aspect of the new leather/pleather pant is that they come in a few different colours and not just black. I opted for navy blue as this is one of my best dark neutrals. Unlike black navy is a universal colour and one that we can all wear safely. You don’t have to worry too much about it being warm or cool.

Mix your navy leather/pleather pants with another neutral – say white if you’re cool, and cream if you’re warm, then bring in a colour to give some excitement to your outfit. Two neutrals plus a colour saves time when getting dressed as you don’t have to think about it too much. We don’t notice neutrals as much as colour, therefore your colourful accessories will bring versatility to your new navy pants – making them a wardrobe staple!

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