Shape wear…Consider comfortable shape-wear that flattens and smooths out the ‘love handles’ which creates the ‘muffin top look’. Bodysuits are a fabulous option because you can wear a very fitted one throughout the torso, verses control briefs which may end around or below the waist potentially creating a ‘muffin top’. If you do opt for control briefs make sure they’re not too tight or fitted across or below the ‘high hip’ area, otherwise you defeat the purpose of minimizing this area. The important thing to remember is that anything you wear needs to have the perfect balance between correct fit and skimming your curves over problematic body variations.

Camisole…If you can’t stand the feeling of control wear, tanks or camisoles will be the next best thing. Just ensure they’re long enough to tuck into your lower body garment for a smooth and secure fit over your high hip area.

Tops…Avoid tops of low quality fabrics that are thin and cling to this challenging body area which will only emphasis it more. – rayon and viscose tend to cling. Instead, opt for a woven fabric such as chiffon or Georgette that has movement and sits away from your body while offering a soft drape.

Pants…Thank goodness high waisted jeans are on trend right now. These can be your answer to the ‘muffin top’ as they can sit above this area tucking you in beautifully. If you feel they sit too high for your mid-body proportions (natural waist to break point/rise proportion) simply tuck and then blouse your chiffon shirt out just enough to drape over your ‘love-handles’ while lengthening your legs at the same time. Try the same with high waisted skirts and pants.

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