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Eva’s dilemma…”At age 65 my challenge is to look stylish and effortless while keeping age appropriate. I think I can look quite old and daggy at times and I’m tired of it. I’m pretty sure I have a ‘creative’ flare/style, but love to be comfy at the same time”.

Last post we covered four style principles in order for Eva to start achieving more of her wardrobe goals, they were…

Fabric fit, volume, and choice and dressing in proportion.

Here are three additional style principles for Eva and other lovely women her age to consider and try!

Fabric/clothing texture…

We become more textured and patterned as the years pass in our natural appearance – hair in particular as it turns quite coarse as we age and allow it to naturally grey. The lighter coloured our hair the more coarse, matte and textured it appears, and the darker your hair, the shinier and glossier and light reflecting it is.

Fine lines, freckles, wrinkles, sun spots, dry and damaged skin also adds to the texture of our face & skin aging us further. This is why textured clothing looks fabulous on more naturally textured people. There is so much choice for the winter and these fabrics include: fine merino wool, wool and boiled wool, alpaca, angora, tweed, boucle, brocade, linen, gauze, gaberdine, corduroy, chiffon, hounds tooth and chunky knits. Like Eva those with a creative personality will revel in mixing their textures together.

Use colour to brighten…

From about the age of 30 we begin to loose brightness in our skin, eyes and hair – this is caused by the diminishing levels of the precious pigment melanin. Our ability to produce melanin reduces over time sadly, and eventually stops. Therefore hair turns grey, silver and white, while eyes lighten, loose there brightness, and appear watery and almost colourless.

Colourful clothes and accessories will bring back the zing and brightness! If you’ve gone naturally grey the aromatic shades (absence of colour) of grey and white will look lovely on you, however, you will need to bring in other vibrant colours to help you shine. Don’t go too bright so as to overwhelm yourself, but until you feel your radiant best. Red, rust, orange and pink will give you a healthy glow, and blues and greens bring out possible elements of these hues in your eye colour.

Jewellery and natural texture…

Use jewellery to enhance your outfits! Once again for the textured and matte looking person you’ll look harmonised and lovely in brushed metals rather than very shiny jewellery. Try wooden design styles to blend with your natural textured skin and hair. If you do have some shine to your appearance by all means do a nice blend of both matte and shine.



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