Mixing Prints & Patterns…
I was in my happy place today with a regular client (in her wardrobe) mixing & matching some new clothes she needed assistance with.
This is her Gorman coat matched with an animal print top that she never would have considered.
This is an exciting way to jazz up an otherwise boring/dull outfit. You don’t need to be the creative or dramatic personality style – try this in small & subtle ways.
Four important tips when mixing prints or patterns when wearing scarves & outfits – refer to the first image below.
1. Either the top or scarf pattern needs to be dense (pattern is close in diameter or busy) while the other item is sparser (see image 2).
2. You’ll want slightly different scales (size of the pattern) between the two items (see image 5).
3. Colour harmony is more visually pleasing when mixing patterns/prints together. If you bring in another multi coloured item such as a scarf (image 3) there needs to be a relating colour that is very obvious to the item you’re mixing it with (see image 4).
4. When adding in a different colour such as red, try to match the intensities of all the colours so either bright or soft (see image 1)
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