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Most kids love to look great in their wardrobe items just like adults. It’s good if kids learn early from their wardrobe what makes them feel comfortable and free. I remember when my own teenager was little & loved to change several times a day. Not much has changed – except I occasionally find her sneaking into my wardrobe because she now fits into my clothes!
So what are the spring/summer trends for kids now in 2017?

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1. The preferred colours of junior fashion trends for spring/summer.
Many designers prefer to use soft naturals such as cream, rose, beige, coffee and sand and a soft hue like light blue.

2. The popular fabric and materials for junior kids fashion trends right now are…
Children’s clothing designers tend to use natural materials like cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. These natural materials are ideal for the summer in keeping them cool.

3. The decorations and finer details that are the exciting addition to kids fashion trends for spring/summer.
Designers prefer to add more decoration to kids’ clothes such as beautiful lace, shirring, flouncers, tiers, ruffles, ribbons and various embroideries – this makes kids fashion more variable, fun and stylish.

4. What pattern and prints are we seeing for kids going into spring/summer?
Feminine and girly in a big way – large flowers and florals, stripes, spots and checks.
For the boys, it’s all about keeping it classic with a blazer but in a really cool, relaxed and edgy way. Runners and sneakers are a must with this look to keep it sporty and boyish.

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Mens fashion
Discussing pants for summer might seem a little silly, but for men, they’ll always be in demand regardless of the time of year. In saying that, shorts are acceptable and in almost every situation. Distressed jeans continue to be a great look at the moment but if jeans feel a bit too hot and restricting chinos are a great alternative – cuff the hemline up a couple of times for a modern relaxed look with runners. Bomber jackets are currently still all the rage, so if you can find one thin enough, pick one up in something neutral, like kaiki, navy or cream. Unlined denim jackets are also a great option this for spring/summer.

The guys have a lot of good options in terms of footwear too. Summer shoes like Vans or boat shoes look smart and can go with just about anything. Keep your Vans’ colours subtle this season. White is always appropriate, while still giving a bit of a pop. Socks either need to be a no-show or mid-calf – socks can be worn proudly this summer – expect to see plenty of black or white mid-calves, but a grey will also be a popular option.

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