This is an important time in a woman’s life where she needs to look after her body, particularly the delicate breast tissue! A good supportive maternity bra/soft cup will protect breast tissue from stretching and sagging later on, not to mention the comfort you’ll need!

You are quite okay to wear an everyday under wire bra up until 16 weeks of gestation. However in the first three to four months the breasts begin to prepare for lactation and glandular development occurs, increasing the cup size. Most women find at this stage they’ll outgrow their current bra, and may also experience unnecessary discomfort. This is the time when you really should be fitted for a good non-wire, stretchy comfortable maternity bra that will provide significant relief.

Between 3-8 months the breast tissue growth slows while your ribcage expands. If you love your under wire bra and feel you need that extra lift, then consider a flexible-wire maternity bra. These are ideal for the second and third trimesters and provide fabulous shape and support without restriction or pressure.

Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the breasts to swell, hence a flexible-wire will flex and move position with your changing breasts. The flexi-wire is also a great choice once the breast tissue settles after baby, and is less likely to cause problems such as mastitis or blocked milk ducts that a regular under-wire might.

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