Dear Lizzy,

I have accumulated dozens of necklaces over the years. I have no idea what to do with most of them, nor how to wear them properly. Do you have some tips or specific rules that you could share please. I would really love to know more about matching necklaces with the necklines of my tops.


There are indeed many fabulous tips and tricks to assist you in wearing your necklaces effectively. A gorgeous necklace is an easy fun way to brighten or change up an outfit. It can take your outfit from ‘so so’ to stylish, complete and edgy. Even if you’re not a lover of too many accessories, a simple yet understated necklace can quickly have you and your outfit looking a million dollars!

Great styling principles can be achieved when a necklace is strategically applied.

A necklace can highlight a torso, as well as shorten or lengthen one. They can highlight a decollatage, and bring focus to or away from your face. They can also lengthen a short neck or shorten a long one. A necklace can make a person appear bigger or smaller depending on the size of the piece. A necklace can take the attention away from a large bust or bring the attention to a small bust. They can draw attention to a large tummy, or highlight a slim waist.

On the other hand, you may want to wear something subtle and understated by wearing a necklace that’s very close to your garment pattern and colour. This is great for those who are not too fussed about wearing accessories, but feel their outfit still needs some punch!

Keep in mind your necklace will be a focal point, and it’s length will change where the focal point sits – therefore it’s important where you place it. You need to be comfortable with where the attention is being drawn.

Matching necklines to your necklaces is an effective way of harmoniously bringing an outfit together. It’s a great way of creating balance to your outfit while keeping it neat and tidy! As seen in my images, a neckline and necklace look better when they are similar in their design line.

They should sit just above the neckline on the skin rather than fall over the neckline a little bit – except when wearing higher necklines like boats, turtles and crews then long necklaces look great here. And a cowl neck has it’s own neckline detail, therefore earrings will suffice.

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