Layering PV


Other than investing in a fabulous new jacket for winter, layering would be the next best thing!

Layering not only provides warmth, but can be one of your best looks! Not looking overwhelmed and swamped in your fabric, colours and patterns is the key to layering properly – this way you’ll feel and look great in your winter garments while keeping toasty warm. Looking fabulous if you need to remove layers throughout the day is also something to keep in mind while getting dressed.

Start with a base layer…

Your base layer really needs to be made of a wool fabrication. Wool works as a fantastic sweat and odour resistant fabric making it comfortable while keeping you warm even if it gets damp. It’s also a wonderful breathable fabric with a low tendency to collect static electricity. If your skin doesn’t like regular wool, a fine merino wool would be the softer more delicate option for your skin. Some of my clients can’t even wear fine merino wool due to the itchiness, therefore applying a rayon or cotton base layer instead is a good alternative.

Your second or middle layer…

Your second layer can also be wool, particularly if your base layer is cotton or rayon. Long sleeve T-shirts in winter can be your best friend, and even better in a soft merino wool. You could layer two together as long as they’re very fine, or over a cami or singlet also made from wool. They can be layered underneath a shirt, jacket, coat, blazer, vest, cardi, tunic or dress. It’s the second layer that needs to be considered the most for when you peel your additional items off during the day.

Make sure the second layer suits you, is a favorite style, colour and the correct shape. If it is something that’s a little plainer then lift the outfit with a colourful scarf, shawl or necklace for some excitement. I love my faux fur vest as it’s not too warm once indoors, and replaces a scarf for a nice change. Choose your second layer to be the star of show by mostly layering underneath preferably in wool to stay warm – that way you won’t need a third layer once indoors. A wool or cotton scarf can be your third layer worn indoors depending on how cold you get. Always match your add on pieces/accessories to suit who you are so you’ll love wearing them and won’t want to take them off.

The third or fourth outer layer…

This is where you compliment your entire outfit with your winter coat, cape or jacket. Choose one you love and can’ get enough off! I love my new winter wool jacket and wear just a cotton cami underneath so I can wear it all day inside – your third or fourth layer can also be your second layer and the star of the show!


Layering PV

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