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I recently had the privilege of presenting to a lovely team of ladies that are consultants for exclusive jewellery company ENVY http://envyjewellery.com.au/

Whilst each and every piece was exquisite and unique, to benefit their customers we discussed many of the correct application and styling principles around jewellery. Try some of these for yourself and see the subtle or dramatic difference they can make.

. Match the size of your jewellery to your scale/bone size height and size. Small scale people get away with large bracelets where you can see lots of skin through them or multiple small bracelets worn together. Large scale individuals look balanced with large design pieces of jewellery.

. A necklace with a finer chain is better for someone with a short and/or thick neck. Then wear a large statement pendant to create a focal point that will draw attention away from the neck.

balance points

. The two balance points… The first balance point is the length of the face, then that length again measured from the chin down the chest area. This is a great place for necklines to sit, and collard shirts to open up from. You can sit necklaces here also just avoid sitting them in the cleavage.

. The second balance point is the widest point of the face (usually at the cheeks) measured down to the chin, then that length measured from the shoulder line down the chest. This is a great place for a pendant to sit.

balance points

. Avoid long necklaces that sit at the mid-section area if you’re conscious of your tummy.

. A person with a large bust looks better with large scale chunky necklaces sitting above the bust or at the 2nd balance point.

. A small busted person looks great wearing a necklace that is small but with multi strands.

. A necklace creates harmony when it’s shape matches a persons facial feature shape.

. The shape and design of a necklace looks fabulous when it looks similar to the shape of the neckline it’s worn with.

. Jewellery works as a focal point on our bodies – make sure you love where it is placed.

Polyvore Jewellery

. Encourage blue & green eyed people to wear blue or green coloured jewellery to bring attention to their eyes.

. Someone with a lot of grey colouring looks lovely wearing more matte & brushed metals but in statement pieces.

. Everyone can wear rose gold.

. Cool people look best in silver jewellery, and warm coloured people look better in gold jewellery.

. Be careful not to ‘over do’ wearing multiple pieces of jewellery that look too ‘matchy matchy’ & contrived.

. Shiny and sparkly jewellery looks particularly lovely on those with shiny hair and skin.

. Always buy jewellery that really reflects your unique personality – this way you’ll wear it often and highlight who you are in a genuine way!

Polyvore Jewellery

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