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Choosing jeans can be daunting for anybody, and not to mention the hundreds of styles out there to pick from! Then you have to be convinced that the back view looks as great as the front view! Pocket placement and size is really important to get that lovely flattering look that you’ll want in a new pair of jeans.

If your pockets are too small your butt can look bigger and the same applies if they’re too big – they will overwhelm. It’s important to keep the pocket size to the same proportion as your bottom.

Many of my clients complain of having a flat bottom. In this case, flap pockets are a great choice, along with lots of detail and embroidery to add some curves.

If you feel you are too curvy, then less detail or none at all is best. Just stick with a dark solid colour jean.

If you’re wanting to lengthen your legs, pockets that are placed high on the jeans will achieve this. On the other hand, low placed pockets will shorten legs and lengthen your bottom. A lower rise pair of jeans will help make your bottom look smaller from the back. High waisted jeans will lengthen your butt and your legs at the same time.

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