So here we are again at the beginning of a new year. I feel like it was just a few short months ago when I wrote on this very topic – January sales.
It’s a great topic to cover and a good time to really assess your wardrobe going forward. It may also be the perfect time to bring your clothing style up a few notches! I’ve done several wardrobe overhauls in the last two weeks and this is the direction I’ll be taking most of my clients – a new year, a new wardrobe and a new woman!!

January sales are so tempting aren’t they?!
I did many shift in my bra fitting job over the Christmas period, and while the sales were fabulous (it’s only a fabulous sale if you love and utilise the item) we actually have the same great sales and discounts throughout the year – so nothing really new, just ‘crazy’ busy. I personally wouldn’t go shopping over the Christmas period but actually wait until January when things have settled, as they inevitably do. And while I support shopping as it’s part of my living, I do indeed have a few tips and guidelines I work by to achieve the best outcomes for my clients and readers in particular.

To avoid getting caught up in the temptation trap, urge to splurge and pressure to buy start with your current wardrobe. Have a critical look at what you bought this time last year and ask yourself the following questions.

1. Have I worn it and if so how often?
2. Do I really love it?
3. Why did I buy it – was it a fad or trend at the time?
4. Does it bring excellent value to my wardrobe?
5. Is it easily worked and utilised throughout my wardrobe?
6. Does it just need a little adjusting?
7. And finally, is it an ‘eight out of ten’ item/accessory for me?

After assessing all seven points you need to make a final decision if something stays or goes. If you haven’t worn something you purchased last January but you’d like to keep it, now’s the time to utilize it with other items from your wardrobe you may not have even considered. It’s amazing how just one piece can change a whole entire outfit for the better. It may take some energy and creativity but well worth the effort if you wind up with more great choices in your wardrobe.
On the flip side, if you haven’t a single thing in your wardrobe to ‘go with’ the item in question this would be a great time to take advantage of the sales.
Don’t forget to take this clothing/accessory piece with you – this will take the guess work out of judging whether it will work, compliment or match with anything new you pick up. We’re also terrible at remembering colour, therefore, this helps if you’re wanting to focus on the colour aspect. Taking the garment/accessory with you will save you a huge amount of energy, time and ultimately money.
A successful shopping trip also means not having to return to the shops if you get it wrong – even for a bargain!

As seen in The Weekender Herald

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