In the previous blog post l covered three face shapes: the long, round and heart shape and discussed what hats styles suit best. I mentioned that choosing a hat could indeed be a challenge but with the application of a few good guidelines and tips picking a hat will be fun and easy. Keep in mind once again that proportion and scale is everything when considering a hat. Therefore, larger faces need a larger hat and small faces look better when wearing a small hat. Selena Gomez is a good example of someone with a small face. And Miranda Kerr is an example of someone with a lager face.


Now we’ll look at the oval and square face shapes and what hats look best.

The oval face shape…Cindy Crawford


If you’re an oval face shape you’re very blessed indeed as this means you can wear pretty much any hat shape or style that you like. They just need to be worn straight across the forehead or hairline. Hats that suit the oval face are almost any type.

The square face shape…Penelope Cruz


The square face individual is best suited to rounded shaped hats to soften and even out the angles of the face and particularly for the strong straight jaw line. Asymmetrical shaped hats work well also as they provide contrast to the straight lines of the square face softening it. Hats that suit the square face are the centre dent fedora, fashion beanie and the bowler.

Guidelines for finding your particular face shape…

Oval – Is considered the ideal shape as it is perfectly balanced. The jawline is softly rounded, not too narrow or too wide with the hairline being slightly wider than the lower face.

Square – Your face has strong angular lines. It is as wide as it is long.

Rectangle – Your face is predominantly longer than the oval. It is the same width at the the temple as at the jawline. Hats that are not too high at the crown would be best as you won’t want to lengthen this face shape much more.

Oblong – This face shape is predominantly longer than the oval and is the same width at the temples as the jawline. Once again it is considered a long face shape, therefore avoiding hats with a high crown would be advised.

Round – Your face is as wide as it is long or just marginally longer with fullness at your cheek bones. The goal is to make the face appearer longer and narrower.

Heart – This face is wide at the temples and significantly narrower at the chin. It often accompanies a widow’s peak which emphasis the heart shape face.

Diamond – Your broadest point is at your amazing cheekbones with a narrow chin and hairline. Similar to the oval you could also wear almost any style hat.

Triangle/tear drop – Your face has a broader jawline than the forehead. A wide brim hat will offer lovely balance with the wider jawline.

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