I highlighted in my last post the topic of proportions (also referred to as vertical proportions) and how we can best style ourselves particularly in a dress when they’re carefully considered. I also mentioned, and I quote, ”The task of choosing and wearing the right clothes to ultimately look your best can be the biggest challenge – ask any woman!”

I used The Dutchess of Cambridge to demonstrate the difference it can make when our proprtions are dressed correctly.

This time I’m going to ‘pick on’ the stunning Meghan Markle and the subtle and not so subtle differences it makes when choosing fabulous coats in the right shades and details.

Colour will create the ‘wow factor’ element to all our outfits when it harmonies perfectly. It gives us the glow and radiance we need in order to look our best even when we don’t feel it. We want to avoid colours and shades that are too bright and overwhelming, or, on the other hand not bright enough. 

Notice the lovely Meghan in the coat and beret outfit – a cool bright white and very obvious as apposed to the soft off-white Givenchy cape dress. If you close your eyes for three seconds, on opening them you’ll notice the jacket/beret before you see Meghan’s face. This is a good indication the cool white is too bright for her.

Meghan is warm, deep and soft in her colouring and glows in the off-white much better. It’s subtle, softer and less advancing. It brings us to look at her lovely face while highlighting the whites of her eyes and teeth – these features are also an important part of our natural colouring.

And the black belt harmonises beautifully with her almost black hair while adding some impact.

While Megan Markle is not petite at 5’6 or 167.5 cm tall, her coats can at times swamp her slender ectomorph frame. Notice the huge wide lapels on the coat to the left as apposed to the lapels of the deep green coat. Because lapels sit close to the face they can easily cause a persons head and face to almost ‘disappear’ as it were, or shrink, creating a lack of balance and an odd look – even while wearing a hat that should in fact add more size to a persons head.

But I do love the small round bag that’s lovely and reminiscent of the hat while matching her small scale. The lapels of the deep green coat are the perfect size offering lovely balance to Meghan’s tiny frame avoiding the swamped look.

As seen in The Herald Weekender www.weekenderherald.com.au/ 

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