It’s that time of year again, and with a hot summer predicted most of us will choose to get into our swim wear. Whether it be at the pool or the beach, or a holiday hot spot, bathers will be the attire you have to hop into!

If l know women, and l think l do, many of you will be cringing at the very thought of it – as l do.

While there are many ways and options to look good in your bathers, in reality we do indeed expose much more of our bodies than in our clothes.

If you feel that you need to cover up, don’t hold back, cover up as much as you desire. On the other hand, if you love to showcase your ‘assets’ then do so with class while revelling an appropriate amount of flesh in your swimwear.

Here are a few practical tips for the most common body variations. These should help make buying bathers a little less stressful, and a lot more fun to wear.

Swimwear with a built-in under wire is essential for those with a larger bust, and being fitted properly for this would be wise. You may have to pay a little more for your swimwear, but it’ll be worth every cent to look and feel so much better at the beach or pool! A low V-neck swimwear suit will also help minimize a large bust.

Even women with a relatively flat tummy like to minimize as much as possible. For a full or curved tummy a one piece or tankini bathing suit is ideal. Lots of rouching at the sides will help create a waist, while large draping across the tummy will work a treat in giving a more flat looking mid-section. Wear them in a dark solid colour, or even better, one with a busy all over pattern in low contrast colours.

Thighs can be a real challenge to hide when wearing bathers. Above the knee board shorts are a fantastic way to disguise that all too common body part so many women struggle with. Choose a pair in a nice receding solid colour or one that matches with your eye or hair colour. Another option is the sarong which is a feminine, comfortable and easy way to dress up for the pool or beach while covering up. Choose a longer one that matches your bikini or tankini top for effective thigh cover.

A long board short will also assist to camouflage and hide a full bottom as will swim shorts in general. Make sure that the band is flat, wide and sits lower on the hips as this will cut your butt in half. I love the boy leg as these give a nice shape to the butt. Wear also in your hair or eye colour, or a flattering dark neutral such as navy blue, grey or chocolate brown.

If you’re looking for a practical storage idea for your under wire bathing suits check out these cool boxes from Bel Angelle – The Bra Storage Solution 


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