While it’s important to feel great in your outfit when you walk out the door – it’s just as important to look great in it too! I encourage my clients to be their unique selves when choosing new clothes, however, I also stress the real investment is to look their best. Dressing well needn’t be expensive or confusing but should always be fun, suitable and appropriate.

Here are a few clothing choices that perhaps need to be abandoned sooner rather than later.

  1. Incorrect fitting under garments. When a bra is too small in particular it can leave unflattering and obvious bulges that can be seen through clothes. This can cheapen your outfit, so make sure you have an updated bra fitting with a good bra fitter at least once a year.

bad bra

  1. Chunky scarves. Too much fabric in a scarf will overwhelm a large bust, a petite woman & someone with a short neck. I see this often during winter. Fine merino wool is a better option if you’re able to wear it as it will sit closer to your body. Try a blend of natural & man made fibers if you find wool’s irritating.

big scarf

  1. Over sized tops, cardi’s & jumpers. Although this is the ‘trend’ right now we still have to be careful just how much over sizing is applied. A small amount is okay, & perhaps one size up. Just make sure the armholes are not too low and wide as this is where the torso can be shortened significantly, and a boxy appearance created.


  1. Garments that are too tight. This can be just as unappealing as the very over sized look. Garments should sit flat without pulling, riding up and creasing across your body. Remember when you pay attention to lovely correct fitting garments they look like they’ve been made for you, and more expensive.


  1. Knee high boots. While the ankle boot dominates this A/W, knee length boots are still available. Knee length boots in a light neutral such as tan can look a little dated, and also swamp the legs of a petite person. A dark neutral knee length boot rather than a light pair will elongate and look classy when placed below a dark hemline.

Tan boots

  1. Evening attire worn during the day. Our outfits carry more wow factor, and us, more credibility when we wear them at the appropriate time and place. Evening wear can actually appear cheaper when worn during the day, and also very aging. Keep night time attire separate and for special occasions.



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