Plus size in blue dress

Dressing Gorgeous!

Many of my curvy and plus size clients report that it’s a challenge to find those gorgeous clothes that not only fit well but also look fabulous too.

And despite your size it’s normal to want to look and feel great in any outfit – although not always easy. With all that a woman needs to take into consideration when choosing clothes, such as: colour, cut, neckline, style, length, pattern or no pattern, and fabric type no wonder they become frustrated – I see this often.

It can be a lot of trial and error, and particularly if you decide to change your style direction. It’s really a case of trying everything on, and assessing all of the important elements of the outfit to ultimately make a good wise investment.

Plus size in blue dress

Let’s discuss the outfit on the model in the blue dress and the aspects of why it works so well.

The necklace is a fabulous brown bronze metal that not only matches her hair colour but also the natural texturing of her shiny skin and hair. If your natural texturing is more matte but you love shiny jewellery wear a combination of both shiny and matte this will help to highlight your face.

The big size necklace supports her larger bone & bust size and also works as an optical illusion making her look less busty. The shape of the necklace harmonises with her curved facial features as well. If you are a curvy or plus size person but have a smaller bust wear a necklace with a small design but multiple strands together as this will give a nice (‘best of both worlds’) balance!

The neckline of the dress is a curved square one and matches her curved chin shape. If you have an angular jaw and chin shape then a V-neck may look better on you. It also allows enough skin to be shown which elongates the torso. And as it sits above the bust in the right place it also elongates her neck. The navy blue is a wonderful dark receding neutral, and a great alternative to black. It also helps minimise any problem areas you would want to hide, and luckily, we can all wear navy blue.

Plus size in blue dress

The draping and ruching in the dress is great for placing on any problem areas such as the stomach, and creates more of a curved waist. The fabric is a fluid drape, and most probably a medium-thick polyester which skims gently over her curves. Avoid finer rayon’s and viscose as they are quiet revealing and tend to cling.

The length is perfect at just below the knee at the narrow point adding length to her calves. If you love your knees but are petite sit the hem just at or above the knee to lengthen your legs and your overall height.

Plus size in blue dress

As 3⁄4 sleeves show more skin this also helps to elongate the legs, therefore once again great for the petite woman. And lastly, of course a skin or light neutral shoe avoids any colour break, lengthening the legs as well. If you love funky colourful shoes, and you’re petite just do them in a low vamp to create that fun balance.



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