Once dubbed ‘The Canadian Tuxedo,’ the ‘denim on denim’ trend has made a stylish & chic comeback, offering fresh & abundant choices. Prepare for maximalist denim, bedazzled with glittering embellishments, adorned with crystals, floral appliqués, and various decorative elements, seamlessly merging denim with feminine florals.
Tip 1. You have to love it as it’s not for everyone, so personality rules here.
Tip 2. Even though we can dress this up, wearing denim will still reflect a relatively relaxed ensemble at the end of the day & the more textured/distressed/detailed the more casual.
Tip 3. The undertone of the denim needs to match yours & this can be hard to detect. So a cool denim for a cool undertone versus a yellow undertone as this will drain you of colour & likewise if you’re warm in a cool denim. Notice how Chantelle’s cool denim has her glowing & eyes popping in her cool denim making her stand out!! Most warm denim will have yellow or orange stitching while cool denim will quite often accompany white stitching & have an overall white/purple appearance.
Tip 4. If you have beautiful blue eyes choose a denim similar to your own eye colour.
Tip 5. I prefer & love the denim-on-denim trend in identical hues unless it’s a light & dark denim worn together, i.e white jacket & dark jeans. It can look a little off & distracting if the hues are in different shades of blue as the colour should always flatter & bring the focus to the wearer’s face.
Tip 6. When it comes to fabrication, opt for what feels most comfortable to you but as a general guideline, stretchy/soft denim tends to sit better on curvier bodies, while stiff or taut denim often suits leaner more muscular bodies.
Tip 7. Your denim jacket can offer a new relaxed capsule wardrobe making outfit options a breeze.
1 denim jacket
4 bottoms – jeans, cargos, trackie bottom & skirt
8 tops, tees or tanks
Creates up to 32 outfits
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