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Last post I discussed the pitfalls of the ‘crazy’ January sales, & how to best prepare before you venture out into the stores this month.

My tips were…

  1. Write & take a list

  2. Set a realistic budget

  3. Have a shopping plan

  4. Question what you need

  5. Avoid shopping fatigue

Let’s now talk about the costly mistakes we can make during January that can also help to ‘blow out’ the credit card.

1. Looking unkempt before going shopping: Try to look presentable (hair & makeup) before you leave to go shopping, this does not mean you have to look perfect. You’ll be looking in the mirror for a period of time in the stores, therefore you’ll be less critical of yourself if you feel and look good. When you’re groomed reasonably well the clothing and accessories you try on will appear to look even more fabulous.

2. Not trying clothes on: It’s easy to simply grab a clothing or accessory piece and head to the register. We think it will do & decide we don’t have time to try it on. Doing this can really add up over time in a very costly way if you really don’t like what you’ve purchased. There’s always the option to return it, but that’s more time and energy that you may not have or want to use. It’s very easy to ‘put it off’, therefore, unworn and unutilised items get left hanging in the wardrobe. Don’t forget there is usually a return policy of two weeks – two weeks ‘flies by’ very quickly!

3. Only taking one size of each clothing item into the change-room: Clothing sizes can vary greatly depending on the line and design of the garment. Take multiple sizes and also a variety of clothes into the changing room. The shop assistant will keep some of them in the changing room area if there is a limit. This will save so much time and energy and you’re more likely to have success as you work your way through all your choices.

4. Buying designer labels only: Over the years I’ve seen so many expensive but unworn clothing items in wardrobes. This can be a bit of a trap because we’re told if it’s an expensive luxury design it will for sure look better and last forever. At the end of the day if this shirt, jumper or skirt doesn’t suit your colouring, shape, height, proportions and personality you probably won’t wear it – or at least often enough to get great cost per wear. Try what suits you first and foremost then bring into consideration the garment label and popularity.

5. Buying something ‘different’: I hear clients state this often – ”I want clothes that are really different to what I’ve been buying”: This is all good and well providing the item still nails who you are, as once again you more than likely won’t wear it if it doesn’t. Don’t purchase something ‘different’ for the sake of it and then get home and regret it. Perhaps try a small, more insignificant piece first and start there if you’re looking at taking your personal style in a different direction.

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