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The old saying, ‘that looks fade’ is very true, especially in relation to our colouring.

As we age, we loose the ability and eventually stop producing, the precious pigment called melanin. We begin to notice diminished brightness and depth of colour. With ageing we soften, lighten, dull and grey down gradually after about age thirty.

The more grey or white we become, even if we were always warm in our colouring, the cooler we will appear. This is because grey, silver and white are all cool colours.

Having a professional colour analysis every 5-6 years will determine your correct and best colour group as your colouring changes. Applying brighter hues within your best colour palette will help give you a fresh, youthful and radiant glow.

The pinks, reds, oranges, burgundies and rusts of any colour direction will look great against your skin, and be your skin enhancing colours. These will help you to look healthy and less pallid! 

Book in for a colour session so you never again make another colour mistake!


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