Clothing Tips For Men!

Men also need to look and feel their best as they go and make a difference in the world, particularly in the workforce. Personal presentation and first impressions are largely comprised of the visual elements, therefore their clothes also need to measure up and reflect the message they want and need to send.

Tips on matching shirts and ties with suits.

Plain shirts: Light coloured shirts are the safest and easiest option to go with. Picking up the colour of the shirt in the tie will work harmoniously, unless the shirt is white and the suit is dark, then any coloured or patterned tie will do. The plain shirt works effortlessly with a checked, striped or tweed suit.

Striped Shirts: The narrower and lighter the stripe the more conservative the shirt. The wider and bolder the stripe, the more fashion oriented the shirt will be. It’s important to always remember to pick up the stripe colour in the tie. A patterned tie can work with a striped shirt however, just match with plain suit fabric rather than a pinstripe or chalkstripe.

Check Shirts: These are much harder to match with suits. The smaller and finer the check, the more conservative and formal the shirt is. Go for a plain tie that matches exactly to the colour of the check as this will give balance to the overall look.




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