Men’s Spring/Summer 2020/21

  Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift away from the neutral coloured, traditionally structured, masculine silhouettes in men’s fashion. While this will always have a place in men’s wear, and a signature style for some, spring offers a whole new appeal for...

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Women’s Spring Fashion 2020

Spring has sprung, bringing relief from the cold and the promise of warmer days. Spring 2020 certainly feels and looks different to the last one given the year we’ve had up till now. With the lock-down over and restrictions lifted it’s great to see Adelaidians out and...

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Clothing Sustainability – Tips To Implement Now

  ‘’Cheap synthetic fibers also emit gases like N20 which is 300 times more damaging than CO2’’. — James Conca - FORBES   In the fight for a cleaner and healthier environment, there are some everyday things we can all do collectively which will have a...

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Clothing & The Environment Part 3

Over the past two posts we’ve been discussing the clothing industry and its devastating effects on our environment. Here are some of the hard core facts I needed to share… Fast fashion causes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions - that produces more than all...

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Clothing & The Environment Part 2

  Last post my daughter and I discussed the issue of clothing on our environment and some astounding facts surrounding fast fashion. Emily mentioned that globally, we consume approximately 80 billion new items of clothing annually. And that Australians are tossing a...

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Clothing & The Environment

    Last post I covered, (as I always do in the first month of the year) how best to prepare and tackle the January sales. I also touched on how much and what consumers would spend their money on during the pre-Christmas sales.  This was the statement made by retail...

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January Sales

    Firstly, happy new year to all my lovely loyal readers - here’s hoping 2020 will be a great year for you.  Here we are again in January, and in the world of retail that means sales time! This excites all sorts of shoppers, be it the shopaholic, the once a year...

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2019 Spring-Summer Colour Palette

Last fortnight I discussed Pantone’s 2019 ‘colour of the year’ - ’living coral’...   ‘’An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge’’. Let’s look at Pantone’s (the world authority on colour trends for...

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Living Coral 2019

  We’ve covered spring clothing trends over the past two postsnd it’s very exciting to see what’s coming through the stores.  Just as important are the colour trends for 2019 and this season, but where do we start when it comes to new season colours? Remember this...

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Spring Trends 2019

  I was born in the spring - it’s my favourite season after autumn because the autumn hues make up my colour palette. I love the fresh coolish days of spring that bring that hint of warmer weather.  Let’s expand on last fortnights fabulous spring trends… As mentioned,...

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