Walking In Style Pt 4

    What are women saying about their favorite shoes and the hottest trend for spring/summer? I asked a bunch of my clients and this is what they told me!  Carey Hauri - Coaching the Coaches My favourite shoes - Diana Ferrari Super Soft black flats for work and the...

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Walking in style Part 3

  Over the past two fortnights we’ve talked about shoes and some of the aspects of owning a sensible shoe wardrobe. I’ve also covered several different shoe designs and the clothing styles that suit them. But with a huge variety of shoes available, where is one to...

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Walking In Style Part 2

Last post I covered the first part of ‘walking in style’ - in other words a love and weakness for shoes! I also mentioned that shoes, like any other wardrobe accessory should suit you, your lifestyle and your clothing - the main keys to owning a ‘sensible’ shoe...

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Walking In Style

    ‘’A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.’’ – Christian Louboutin Shoes are one of those accessories that women tend to have a weakness for - I could think of worse addictions! I definitely love my shoes & boots but thankfully the...

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Fashion Forecast 1819

  This fortnight (July 31st 2019) marks my 200th fashion and style column for the fabulous and inspiring Weekender Herald. I can’t believe it’s been eight years since I wrote my very first column. And after all these years I still love bringing fashion and style...

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The Six Elements Of Style Part 2

  Last post I went through three of the six ‘elements of style’. I asked the following questions - what comes to mind when you think about your own style. Is it important, and if it came naturally or felt more like hard work. The first three ‘elements of...

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The Six Elements Of Style

When you think about style, what comes to mind? Think about your own style for a minute. Is it something you consider carefully every day? Is it something you don’t care too much about? Do you feel it comes naturally? Or is it something you have to work hard at? Or,...

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What will I wear to that?

It’s a statement I often hear in my line of work. ‘’I have a special event coming up and I have nothing or no clue what to wear.’’Throughout the year, most of us will be invited to attend different events, and therefore, be faced with the challenge of what to wear....

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Comfy Dressing During Pregnancy Part 2

My last post was titled, ‘comfy dressing before and after baby’. I discussed the significance of being fitted into a maternity bra at the 16 week gestation period. And in the first three to four months the breasts begin to prepare for lactation and glandular...

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Comfy dressing before and after baby

With the exciting arrival of the new Royal baby, I thought we’d discuss comfy clothing for the new mums out there! Having a new baby is a very special and precious time in a woman’s life - what you wear, and how you feel in what you wear is very important. All the...

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