Belts rarely disappear altogether from one season to the next but rather come and go in a big or small way – just like any other fashion trend.

Love or loathe belts they’re back for autumn/winter – there’s no denying a belt can either make a subtle or noticeable difference to an outfit. It may be to complete an outfit for a professional appeal, bring some wow to a casual outfit or for just keeping your trousers up.

Many of my clients and women in general dislike belts and that would be any belt, therefore, they’re not often sort after during my pre-shops.

With that said, it’s important if you do intend to don a belt this season you love it and have it suit your body as best you can – belts unfortunately can be one of those ‘tricky trends’. But all things can be worked, tweaked and winged if need be!

To get you started perhaps begin with a classic leather belt and simple buckle design. The classic belt is lovely and versatile and can exceed it’s practicality in any woman’s wardrobe. Neutrals like nude, navy, black, brown and white are a more traditional and timeless way to go. But don’t be afraid to consider a more modern one in a metallic, such as gold (warm) silver (cool) or rose gold (neutral).

The simplicity of the classic style belt makes it adaptable for a gamut of occasions confirming it’s a ‘must have’. Because it is narrow (not skinny) it easily slides and fits through most jean and pant loops. The classic belt can be worn around the waist over your shirts, dresses, cardigans and jumpers and without too much bulk, and likewise, under cardigans, blazers and jackets hiding a not so defined waist.

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