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Summer’s here ladies! Are you going on holidays at the end of the year, do you love the beach or river, or do you have your own swimming pool?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, you’re probably going to need a swimsuit.

Yes, that summer dilemma of getting back into your togs or finding a suitable and gorgeous pair that is just right for you. Bathers would be without a doubt the most difficult clothing item for women to not only try on but actually purchase. I think it would be fair to say that many women have simply given up or avoid wearing them all together!

Firstly, there’s absolutely no pressure at all to flaunt your body if you’d rather not.

Secondly, there are some great ways to wear bathers while covering up adequately if that’s your wish.

And thirdly, there’s a pair of bathers for everyone out there!

Keep in mind though that bathing suit sizes tend to be very different from your bra and under pant sizes. In many cases, you may go up a size or two without it actually meaning anything other than the swimsuit will fit you very well.

Swimsuits also tend to enlarge a bit when wet, so make sure it’s not too big/large when you buy it.

You also don’t have to pay a fortune for bathers so be sure to check out the low budget department stores.

Here are some useful tips to apply when and if you update your bathers for summer.

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1. If you’re really wanting to cover up, the longer tankini style is great at lengthening your torso. As the fabric is made longer for this particular design you’ll also half your bottom length.

2. To take covering up a tad further you could consider a swim skirt this summer. One with an empire line will create the illusion of a waist if you’re more ‘H’ or ‘O’ shaped. This style of swimwear is great for hiding backsides really well also.

3. Body-hugging athletic suits made from thick material retain their shape very well, and as a result, your shape is also maintained, streamlining your figure.

4. Diagonal stripes placed from the centre of the swimsuit and out to the natural waist create the illusion of a waist and is great for someone that is very straight up and down.

5. For the tall and very slender ladies, you might like to have a swimsuit designed with horizontal stripes to break up your length and add interest.

6. A swimsuit designed with a small, subtle and muted all over print in your hair colour will be extremely slimming and bring the attention to your face.

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