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Last post we covered bather styles for the ‘A’ shape person. And while there are many swimsuit options it’s still wise to try all of them on to see what really works best for you. Always take into account your vertical proportions, height, weight, age and body variations.

A reader of my column ‘Style in the Hills’ http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/ expressed just how exhausting and overwhelming shopping for bathers can be, & I think many would agree. I just updated my own last week and related entirely to the difficult task of choosing a new pair of bather. I did in fact find a pair that I love but not before careful consideration of the colours, pattern, fit, fabric, length, cut, design and details.

Lizzy's Bathers

I decided to go with a one piece as I think this tends to be more flattering and feminine for a women and mum in the forties but of course this is a personal choice. Looking appropriate and modest in a bathing suit is just as important if not more than looking fab in our clothes.

I personally love the boy leg bather bottom as they offer more skin coverage, and also help avoid that feeling of not wearing enough in public! As an ‘X’ shape they also minimise my widest point which is the low hip/thigh area by falling into a slight A-line – perfect for the ‘X’ shape!

So I matched my new one piece bathing suit to my chocolate brown (hair colour) boy leg bottoms that I’ve had for many years. They look great worn over my new swim suit that match my colour palette and consists of some of my signature colours, i.e chocolate brown, orange, cream, caramel rust and olive green. The one piece suit is an all over pattern and some of it vertically designed.

Lizzy's Bathers

The ‘X’ shape has balanced shoulders and hips with a defined waist of 9 or more inches smaller than the shoulders or hips.

Swimwear tips for the ‘X’ shape…Halle Berry is an ‘X’ shape.


1. Emphasis the waist without overemphasising it, for example, cinching in dramatically – this will visually widen the hip/thigh area further.

2. A boy leg or solid/receding coloured bather bottom will help disguise the wider hip/thigh area.

3. Choose an under wire bather top if you’re full busted or feel you need extra support – this also elongates the torso.

4. Elongate your torso with vertical stripes, patterns or prints.

5. Highlight the wide shoulder line with any sort of details to bring the focus up.

6. A one piece swim suit will give a longer looking line and no horizontal breaks throughout the torso.

7. One piece togs will fit smoothly over the waist highlighting it while covering any skin/tummy imperfections.

8. A two piece also works well on an ‘X’ shape as it reveals the greatest asset – your waist!

HB 2

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