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Let’s discuss the most desired body shape and what bather tips apply. Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are great examples of the ‘8’ shape silhouette.

So what does it mean to be an ‘8’ shape?

The 8 shape is the second version of the hourglass. There are distinct differences between this and the ‘X’ shape that we discussed back in December – Halle Berry is an ‘X’ shape.



The shoulders and hips can be similar in width but sometimes the shoulders are narrower and slope down slightly. In this case the ‘8’ shape woman needs to apply the upper body principles of the ‘A’ shape – Kirsten Davis is an ‘A’ shape.


Unlike the ‘X’, an ‘8’s widest point is at the high hip/bottom area and not the lower hip/thigh area. Weight is usually carried at the high hip area of an ‘8’ & just under a very defined waist giving a ‘shelf’ like appearance – the classic ‘8’ shape marker!

This is why an A-line or flared design is not as flattering on an ‘8’ shape as it is on an X shape. Garments need to fall smoothly over the hips and go straight down, this will hide the fact that the high hip is much wider than the waist.

Swimwear tips for the ‘8’ shape.

  1. Your waist is your best asset – be sure to show it off & make it obvious. This will ensure also that you as an ‘8’ shape will look more slender and elongated.

  2. The 50’s and retro style bathers work wonderfully on the ‘8’ shape woman.

  3. Use all manner of waist detailing to really highlight your waist including built-in belts on bathers.

  4. If you’re wearing a sarong over bathers make sure it’s one that tappers in like a pencil style skirt to really reveal your silhouette.

  5. Use wide strap bather tops to create a little width to balance hips if you’re a tad narrower at the shoulder line.

  6. Wear vertical stripes, patterns and prints to elongate your torso if you’re petite.

  7. Wear high cut bather bottoms to elongate your legs if you’re petite (under 5’4)'8' shape1950s-swimsuits

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