As the weather is still fairly warm here in Adelaide the transition from summer to autumn wear is quite the challenge! Not only does it mean saying goodbye to beach days and outdoor social events, but it also means packing away lovely light clothes and swapping them for more seasonably-appropriate attire. However, it can still be fun, far from boring as you’ll surly find something among the new trends to love.
And with the apparent bright hues making their way into our stores it will hopefully make it easier to turn away from the standard dark dull shades like black and grey. I love wearing orange, rust and mustard to brighten up my outfits and days as the weather cools.
There is one other additional trend to the new season that I have to say really warms my heart – it’s the ‘one-piece wonder’! While definitely not for everyone, the dramatic/relaxed personality will revel in one. The fashion world seems to be trading in the two-piece suit that reigned supreme in autumn and winter for a newer, and arguably more convenient, trend. Back in September, the ‘utility jumpsuit’, also described as a boxier, sometimes belted, and somewhat a 70s-inspired take on the one-piece wonder, was seen on countless spring runways, including, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney.

Now the trend seems to have evolved from just a runway favourite to a staple on the everyday street style scene. I just need to find one at my price point as they’re asking a whole lot for this baby! From silky fabrics to denim versions to light linen in a huge range of colours offering so many style options.
We know fads and tends will come and go before the next best thing is upon us. But there’s always that one trend we can rely on to remain for more than a season – this year it happens to be the plaid trend.

Plaid is everywhere this autumn, and always considered classic, timeless and classy. This trend will once again be available in blazers, coats, skirts and accessories – you name it plaid will be on it. We’ll be seeing it head-to-toe also, this would tie in perfectly with the idea of doing a monochromatic jumpsuit!

To keep the look updated, mix and match your plaid with an on trend purple that’s right for you, over-sized earrings, and shoes that match the level of refinement to the item of plaid you’re wearing. If plaid is not you’re ‘thing’ in clothing pieces try it in a tiny bag – small bags are huge this season as mentioned last fortnight. A plaid scarf could also be another safe option for the reluctant individual.

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