We leave summer behind & welcome in the new season, although still very warm. I’m good with that as I continue to enjoy my summer clothes that always seem so much easier to wear and pop on in the morning – ‘minimalistic’ and so uncomplicated! The great thing about Adelaide is that winter is quite short, therefore, our clothes really can be utilized across the other three seasons giving us plenty of opportunity to wear all that we own!

As a new season arrives so do new fads and trends, and most of us love that. And even if you don’t ‘follow fashion’ as such, you’d have to admit that just one new item in your wardrobe would make you happy. And that’s a great reason to purchase something new.

So what’s in for autumn 2017

I’ve deliberately hunted out those items us ‘mere mortals’ can actually wear without looking daggy, over the top, or, for want of a better word, ridiculous.

If you raided your mom’s closet in the 80’s or 90s, you would’ve found a pair of the super comfy ‘mom jeans’.

Although this style jean has a stigma of being unflattering and unfashionable, contemporary brands have brought them back in full force – offering destroyed washes and cropped options. When it comes to the features of what makes a ‘mom jean’, the style is usually high waisted making your bottom appear longer and flatter. The zip area has a relaxed fit, while the pockets tend to be long, and the leg area very relaxed and roomy. They’re also coming with plastic ‘cut outs’ in the knee and thigh area – not sure how this one will go!

Mum jeansMom 3


While we see different versions of leather come in each and every season, this autumn is all about the ‘motor cross’ leather appeal – hang onto your biker jacket for now ladies. Black leather ankle boots are huge again also, therefore you can officially wear leather head to toe if you want.

Leather & motor cross


I knew I shouldn’t have thrown away my Peter Alexander velour tracksuit last year, because guess what, yes velvet is back. Apparently velvet has been very popular for the northern hemisphere winter. Velvet is a woven fabric with a silk pile on top, while velour is a knit blended cotton fabric. Velvet also typically has less give than velour, which tends to be somewhat stretchy. Both feel and look similar, and will be warm and comfy on a cooler day.

Bomber JacketVelvet


Hoodies and bomber jackets are here for autumn also and that spells comfort! By doing one of these in a velvet fabric you’ll be nailing two of the favourite autumn trends for 2017


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