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Autumn Colour Schemes…
Two posts ago we covered autumn colours & clothing trends for 2016. I mentioned I love the beginning of a new season, and that it has a lot to do with the traditional autumn colours which also happen to be my colour palette. They’re the earthy, warm, soft, medium and deep toasty hues of which we’ll see throughout the stores – according to Pantone (the world colour authority)
So who looks great in the autumn colours and why?
Think Eva Longoria, Jessica Mauboy and Cathrine Zeta Jones.
All three have a warm undertone which indicates they have higher levels of carotene and this is the yellow/orange pigment found in the skin.
They almost always have a warm green, hazel, brown or olive eye colour, and sometimes flecks of mustard or orange around the iris.
One of the most flattering colour schemes for an individual that can wear the autumn colours, is the monochromatic colour scheme.
Monochromatic – mono means one and chromatic means colour. This suggests wearing one colour/neutral, or wearing one colour/neutral in different shades. These different shades can vary from dark, medium and light in the same hue or neutral.
This colour scheme is an easy option to apply throughout your outfits. It allows you to think less about mixing and matching in terms of colour, not to mention a time saver – particularly in the mornings! It also works well in avoiding multiple horizontal lines with garment hems, as more colour contrast can widen and shorten, drawing unwanted attention to an area.
This colour combination is particularly flattering on a person with brown/brunette hair and brown eyes. As the eye and hair colour are so similar, wearing various shades of the same colour creates a very natural, and ‘like with like’ harmonising effect.
Lets also consider one other fabulous and versatile colour scheme that looks amazing on a person who suits the autumn colour palette – the analogous colour scheme. This is a little different to the monochromatic colour scheme.
An analogous colour scheme is where colours sit next to each other on the colour wheel. For example: orange and yellow, violet and red and green and blue.
This colour scheme is particularly stunning on the brunette/brown haired person with green, olive or hazel eyes. Brown and green are adjacent on the colour wheel, therefore, matching ‘like with like’ colour combinations look pleasing to the eye on this coloured person.
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