Last post we discussed some of the style looks people do that just take away that potential wow factor, and also how to better style yourself to feel and look your best. With the fast turn over of fads and trends it can feel like you’re getting left behind and out of date. Here are some more ‘fashion mistakes’ that can easily be corrected with a bit of attention and tweaking.

  1. Business trousers with long tops or tunics. Always try to match the levels of refinement throughout your outfit. Business pants need to be worn with more business style shirts, tops and jackets. It appears confusing and out of touch to wear casual long tops and tunic styles with business attire.

  1. Trousers that are too long and wide for the wearer. Trousers that are clearly too long and wide will shorten and widen a person, and also overwhelm a petite individual creating horizontal fabric breaks at the lower leg and ankle. Pants really should not graze the floor. As a general rule wear full length trousers pants with an inch of the heel showing at the back view when wearing heels. When wearing flats allow the hem to fall just where the shoe and heel meet at the back view.

    3. Sitting tops and jumpers on the widest point at the hip line. While it feels comfortable placing hemlines, waist bands and details at the widest hip point, it actually creates a horizontal line and focal point. Bring tops and jumpers up to where you are narrower to look more elongated and balanced. We look aesthetically better and taller when our legs look longer than when we appear to have the same length torso to leg ratio.

  1. Very casual and or old shoes worn with a dressy outfit. Once again the levels of refinement needs to match throughout the whole outfit. Shoes are probably the most important accessory we put on everyday, and can cheapen and date an outfit quicker than anything else. A good looking pair of suitable shoes (not necessarily expensive) will make all the difference. and people will take you more seriously too.

  1. Wearing black head to toe. I know this is easy to gravitate toward, and everything is made in a black option but venture out into colour next time you purchase a clothing item. Buy an alternative of navy, grey, brown or olive. Then buy something in your eye colour and see the difference it makes to your face. Don’t hide behind black what you should be highlighting. Black can be very aging, and can give a drained tired appearance to even a young face.

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