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In my last post I wrote about some of the habits stylish women tend do throughout their lives to maintain looking fab!

They consisted of…

1. Not comparing themselves to others

2. Follow good sound style principles

3. Confident in how they dress

4. Update their outfits as often as they need

5. They’re not afraid to try something different

Whether it’s learned or natural these women from my observation do it with effort, confidence and consistency.

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Here are five more ‘habits of stylish women’ that I’ve once again noticed during my time as an image consultant and stylist.

6. Stylish women always dress very well for, and regardless of their age.

We’ve all heard the statement, ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. This never seems to enter into the minds or wardrobes of women who embrace good habits of style. They reflect their age gracefully through their garments, but in a youthful way while expressing appropriate taste. These women adopt trends to suit who they are, but never a slave to fashion.

7. Stylish women take the time to groom themselves as part of their daily ritual.

These women love to regularly maintain well kept hair with an ‘up to date’ modern look. They’ll take care of their skin and commonly spend a significant amount of money on it. They’ll often, and if needed look after their teeth by having them whitened. But women in general see these grooming habits as a significant part of their heath care, and not just for outward appearance.

8. Stylish women never ‘over do’, overwhelm or clutter their outward appearance.

We’ve all heard the term ‘less is more’! Women who adopt good style habits ‘get’ this very well. They never seem to look as though they need much more when they leave for the day. They ‘do’ understated extremely well and it suits them. Clothes are worn and drape effortlessly, and accessories are adorned to compliment the outfit just right. This projects class and elegance and we often find ourselves wanting to look like them.

9. Stylish women know how to apply the correct amount of makeup for themselves.

‘Less is more’ rather than thick fake looking makeup, and stylish women love that it takes them from plain to glamorous. According to research we’re taken more seriously when we wear light amounts of makeup. It’s the attention to detail that says you care about your outward presentation.

10. Stylish women have the ‘knack’ for dressing appropriately for every occasion. 

These women successfully convey the right message through their garments regardless of the occasion. Their outward presentation communicates well to others in the room before they even speak.

stylish women 10Stylish womanstylish women 11 

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