When you think about style, what comes to mind? Think about your own style for a minute. Is it something you consider carefully every day? Is it something you don’t care too much about? Do you feel it comes naturally? Or is it something you have to work hard at? Or, perhaps like me, you need some inspiration from time to time. 

Style is simply…how we express ourselves through what we wear – the key word here is ‘express’.

The six elements of style…

  1. What you wear suits your personality.
  2. What you wear suits you physically.
  3. What you wear is up-to-date.
  4. What you wear is of reasonable or good quality.
  5. What you currently wear is appropriate for where you are in life.
  6. Is your grooming of a good standard to reflect the best ‘you’.

Let’s start with the first and most important ‘element of style’.

Wear what suits your personality! I often discuss what we wear greatly relates to our personality. When we wear what suits us we project to the world around us a wonderfully positive and confident image of ourselves. We walk with our heads a little, or a lot higher. It’s a fact that we can create opportunities for ourselves if we’re dressed accordingly – it’s also true for the opposite!

The second most important ‘element of style’ is dressing to suit who you are physically. This is often the challenge for many of my clients. They know instinctively what they like or don’t like but choosing what to wear is often frustrating and overwhelming. We’re dealing with science when we get dressed. Yes, there’s a science behind what will successfully work with our physical dimensions. And this includes how we move in our garments.

Your physical dimensions are your body shape, type, and scale, height, and weight. It’s all about fitting the correct clothes and accessories to these dimensions. This can be trial and error – make sure you always look into a long length mirror after getting dressed to make a good judgment of what is working well on you.

Thirdly, are you wearing current and up-to-date clothing and accessories? Old fashion clothes = old fashion ideas! This is important for looking modern and fresh. One can appear very aged if wardrobe items are old and dated. Budget and finances can indeed hinder this very important ‘element of style’. This is where classic (not old) pieces can work well for the person on a strict budget. I meet many individuals in my travels who are hesitant to change or update their wardrobe items. Try on some new pieces that are similar to what you already own – you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to not only how you look, but also how you feel. Just replacing 2-3 items every season or year will be a great start.

As seen in http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/

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