Let’s look at what’s ‘in store’ (pun intended) for the blokes this autumn. The styles are so good, women will be stealing what men are wearing throughout the year.

In London they’re going crazy for a street style sportswear combo – as a sporty gal, this sits very well indeed.

Men, get ready to embrace a whole new ‘look’ to rock at the office this autumn – would you believe, suits and sneakers. Yes, it’s bold and unexpected -, especially for conservative little Adelaide. It’s also considered very cool and avant-garde (the introducing or favoring of new and experimental ideas and methods).

Sydney based menswear designer Brent Wilson describes this particular trend for men as…

An elegant and modern twist on a traditional approach to suiting. It’s part of a subtle shift in men’s fashion, away from strict rigidity and rules towards a more relaxed and eased nature.”

And DJ’s general manager for menswear Chris Wilson also says, ”it’s an evolution that’s being adopted more and more by Australia’s sartorially astute men. We’re seeing an emergence of what we call ‘easy street’, which is an electric mix of relaxed tailoring and sportswear. This makes for a bold and confident look – this is essentially athleisure remixed with a sartorial edge.”

But that’s not all guys will see this season when it comes to clothing and accessory trends. We’ll look at unique ‘new takes’ on how to apply accessories, I.e the beloved bumbag. There’s a subtle twist on last years logo prints and billboard branding. And the creative layering of outerwear especially as we move towards winter.

As seen in http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/

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