This post is the last of my 7 ‘body shape explained’ series. Let’s look at the very blessed ‘V’ shaped woman, also known as ‘the inverted triangle’ – think Elle McPherson!

Much like the ‘A’ shape, it’s one of the least common body shapes. It’s also the absolute opposite to the ‘A’ in that the shoulder-line is dramatically wider than the hip-line – or at least by a good couple of inches. You may, or may not have a defined waist as a many ‘V’s are straight or wide through the waist-line, if that’s you, simply apply the ‘H’ shape waist tips – such as no tucking, no waist details, pockets at the waist, belts, gathering or pleats.

And if you’re short through the waist (vertical proportion from the peek of the bust to the natural waist) elongate throughout the torso as much as possible by avoiding any attention or focal points at the waist. A great supportive bra that offers some lift will also help. And if you happen to have a lovely defined waist then, by all means, show it off with your favourite waist details.

It can be a challenge finding clothes to fit the ‘V’ shaped woman due to their tiny narrow hip line. Making the hips appear fuller or curvier will create great balance with the wide shoulder-line. Lower body garments often need to be taken in or adjusted to fit correctly. And as shoulder details need to be wider this often results in excess fabric around the waist giving a boxy look – blazers and jackets are a good example of this.

So what are the ideal garments for the ‘V’ shape…

Narrow openings at the neckline are best such as keyhole, gathers, crew necks and narrow v-necks.

Soften and narrow the wide shoulder-line with halter-necks, kimono, raglan and dolman sleeves. Go lapel-free on your jackets or very narrow instead.

Coats and jackets with large or patch pockets are great for adding curves to the narrow hip-line.

Balance your figure with wide trouser cuffs and flares – hems that end at the hip-line will also add curves and balance.

Go crazy with jeans and trousers that have distressing and or pocket details. Cargo’s are a fabulous option, as is skinny pants with log tops or tunics.

Skirts and dresses…

Flared and pleated, empire lines (just under the bust at your narrowest point), flared drop waists, bias cuts, straight cuts with dark tops to diminish the wider shoulders, halternecks, prints and patterns with the darker colour from the skirt worn up top and obvious details on hemlines to create curves and movement.

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