This post we’re studying the ‘H’ shape – the wider (through the torso) version of the lovely ‘ I ‘ which I covered last fortnight. The ‘H’ shape person is usually larger boned than the ‘I’ shape. But like the ‘I’, we see perfect balanced between the shoulder and hip lines (vertical proportions) but a significant lack of waist definition and length too, but not always. This is due to the skeletal structure and the space between the bottom rib of the rib cage and the hip bone that sits just out at the front of the pelvis. The closer they sit together, the less waist a ‘H’ will own despite all the dieting in the world, hence, a ‘H’ will always appear straight up and down.

Consistently, my ‘H’ shape clients inform me of how much they despise wearing belts, tucking tops or shirts, attempting to matching tops with skirts, and anything with waist detailing (particularly dresses) If you can relate, then you’re most likely a ‘H’ shape body. And these are just some of the things you might want to avoid.

The aim of a ‘H is to create the illusion of a waist while hiding the lack of it. Simply avoid the waist area with obvious garment details making it boring while creating some shape.

Apply the following…

  1. Bring attention to your face with accessories above the bust and legs/feet with funky footwear and interesting hemlines.

  2. Empire lines are great for the ‘H’ as they sit at the narrowest point just below the bust and then skim past the waist elongating.

  3. Monochromatic colour schemes (one colour or different shades of the one colour worn at once) will elongate by stopping any obvious colour breaks in an outfit – particularly at the waist line.

  4. Single breasted jackets with princess seams give a long lean line through the waist. Tie any belt on a jacket up at the back as this will offer soft waist shaping.

  5. Tops that end just below the hip bone are usually the most flattering rather than cropped at the waist as this will create a horizontal line where you don’t want attention.

  6. Tunics that bypass the waist with leggings are a great option for elongating throughout.

  7. Work a column of colour (one colour down the middle with a contrasting one on the outside) to lengthen and narrow.

  8. Low button closure in shirts to create some waist illusion.

What else to avoid if you’re a ‘H’ shape…Anything boxy, belted, double breasted, too fitted, wrapped and cinched in. Avoid pleats, pockets and large patch pockets at the waist, gathers at the waist and under the bust line.

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