The chances of needing glasses by the time you are forty are fairly high. Our eyes lose their ability to zoom, hence the squinting and blinking to try and read smaller print. Our eyes deteriorate throughout our forties and slow down after fifty. This is why we need to update our glasses every few years.

If you have to wear glasses, then why not have a drop dead gorgeous pair that suit you perfectly! There are many significant details to take into consideration when choosing appropriate eye wear.

Start by choosing the right coloured glasses to match your natural colouring – your eyes and glasses are the first things people notice when they meet you. Don’t be afraid to use bold colourful glasses.

We lose the ability to produce melanin as we age, so we become less bright in our colouring. To add some impact go for hues in red, yellow and green, these colours are associated with being youthful and energetic!

To create a harmonious and balanced appearance, the shape of your facial features is more relevant than face shape; keep this in mind when deciding on style and design. If your facial features are small, you need to pick a frame that is quite light; if however, they are larger, then a heavier more robust frame will look better. The same applies to wearing contoured shaped glasses if you are mostly curvaceous and softer in your facial features. Angular frames on the other hand, will highlight sharper and more chiseled features.

Make sure that the frame is as wide as the widest part of your face, otherwise your cheeks will be the focus, and your face will appear fuller than it really is.

When the temple of the frame is placed high, it elongates a short face from the side view, giving an oval-shaped appearance.

If your nose is prominent, then buy a pair with the bridge slightly lower down the nose to shorten the look of it. Depending on the distance between your eyes, a narrow and heavy set bridge will draw the eyes closer together, while a lighter, wider set bridge will make them appear further apart. Consider opting for more detail on the the bottom of the frame to create balance if your forehead is larger and quite broad. If you have a broad strong jaw line, then do the opposite, with a heavy top bar or a rimless bottom design.

When choosing eye wear, the depth of your glasses needs careful consideration also. For folks with a short face, a rimless, or half rimless frame will be much more elongating. The eyebrows already create one horizontal line across the face. Having detail on the top bar is fine, this way you will be avoiding two lines across the face and shortening it even further. If you have a longer shaped face such as oblong, then the depth of your frames can be longer and more varied. Lastly, have fun with your eye wear, make a statement and match it to your own unique personality.

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