Last fortnight I discussed Pantone’s 2019 ‘colour of the year’ – ’living coral’…  

‘’An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge’’.

Let’s look at Pantone’s (the world authority on colour trends for each season) extensive colour palette for this S/S

We’re told by the colour experts that the 12 colours and 4 neutrals are to be embraced and enjoyed this season. Each have their own description to conjure up something creative, fun and personal – let’s discuss six of them this fortnight

‘’Pink Peacock – the tantalizing theatrical Pink Peacock fans out to a feast for the eyes’’.

This hue has a blue or cool undertone and is a wonderful skin enhancing colour giving a healthy glow to the cool person’s complexion and natural lip colour.

‘’Pepper Stem – Zesty yellow-green Pepper Stem encourages our desire for nature’s healthy bounty’’.

This warm/yellow based colour is worn well by those with a stunning olive or hazel green eye colour. Pepper Stem will allow your eyes to pop with more colour so wear a shirt, scarf or necklace to bring lots of attention to your eyes.

‘’Princess Blue – Princess blue, a majestic royal blue hue glistens and gleams’’. 

Blue is the friendliest colour in the colour spectrum and an easy choice as we all look good in different versions of blue. This cool hue is perfect for those with blue eyes making them pop with even more colour when you don something in striking princess blue – try earrings, hair clips, headband, hat or scarf.

‘’Aspen Gold – Brightening our day, sunny Aspen Gold stimulates feelings of joy and good cheer’’.

We’ll see warm and cool versions of yellow this season but aspen gold is a warm yellow and ‘hot’ this S/S. Admired for it’s lovely brightness yellow is described as animated, carefree and vivacious. There’s a yellow for everyone so don’t be afraid to try one for yourself. Use a small or insignificant amount – a broach or toe polish is a good start.

‘’Turmeric – Turmeric is an enlivening orange that infuses a hint of pungency into the palette’’.

This toasty warm hue screams animated, dynamic and creative – orange is also associated with happy memories. Only ever warm, and never cool turmeric will bring all the focus to the wearer with orange or ginger hair. For some ‘on trend’ fun step out in turmeric coloured sneakers.

‘’Sweet Lilac – An endearing pink infused lavender, Sweet Lilac’s easy and gentle manner quietly charms’’.

I’m excited to see that Pantone have included another cool skin and lip enhancing hue alongside pink peacock. Sweet lilac will softly lighten and brighten the skin making the wearer glow. If you own a distinctive feminine personality style this will have looking graceful and gentle. Do a head to toe pant suit or an ‘on trend’ fluid and floaty bohemian dress.

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