Dear Lizzy,


Hi, my name is Lucie and I live in Mt. Barker, SA.

I really like reading your Style in the Hills column and I would like to request you write an article about girls fashions for people around my age (10-12). It would be really cool and inspiring to read. It would be really cool to get some tips about being stylish – but also age-appropriate.I think girls my age really like clothing with prints, like stripes and Aztec designs. We all like wearing really casual items, like hoodie’s and sweatpants as well.It would be great to hear some different ideas about what to wear during winter.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely,  Lucie  Age 12


Thanks Lucie!

As a mum of a young teenager myself I understand that looking great is just as important at your age as any!


I think first and foremost for girls aged 10-12 is that you all remain being kids throughout your clothing attire and choices. Fashion should be fun and exciting at 12, and not taken too seriously. Having a comfortable, appropriate and versatile wardrobe is the way to go. Owning clothes that allow you to be your unique self is really the key, despite what’s in the stores. This will also have you loving and wearing your outfits over and over and getting the most out of them.


Winter Clothing Tips for Tweens!


1. Make sure the size of your garments are correct – not too tight or too loose. While oversize items are comfy, when something fits you perfectly it looks like it’s been made for you!

2. Leggings are one of the most comfortable items to wear – I love mine too, but they are indeed an accessories, and should be covered over at the crotch and bottom.

3. Jumpers and hoodie’s for winter look great in colours that are similar to your eyes – this will brighten them and bring attention to your face.

4. Warm jackets are more timeless and versatile when bought in a neutral colour such as: off white, navy blue, brown, black, burgundy, olive, and grey.

5. Pleather (leather imitation) is big for 2014 – a hoodie underneath a pleather jacket would look really cool.

6. Beanies are huge this winter, wear one in your hair colour or in a neutral to make it easier to match with your clothes.

7. Faux fur is always classic, timeless and warm, try one to really dress up your more relaxed clothes for the weekends.

8. Ankle boots are a staple for winter – once again fantastic worn in your hair colour or a neutral for easy mix and match and colour harmony.

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