As we leave autumn behind and move into a brand new winter, layering will be on everyone’s mind.

And while summer clothing is quick, easy and less fussy we get to utilise more of our wardrobe items because we need to wear more. If you’re a bit of a cold frog like me – I can wear up to 3-4 layers in winter depending on where I’m going.

I love and live in wool socks and singlets during the winter months. Fine merino wool is a great option if you don’t want too much bulk or warmth for that matter. Wool also works as a fantastic sweat and odour resistant fabric making it comfortable while keeping you warm even if it gets damp. And if your skin can’t cope with wool or even fine merino wool, modal fabric is a great alternative.

Modal is a type of rayon (a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre) made from the beech tree and is either used alone to make clothing or blended with cotton or spandex. Modal is a very soft and lustrous fabric that drapes beautifully. It’s both absorbent and air permeable making it cool to the touch. Modal is less resistant to shrinkage than cotton, and creasing and pilling is minimal.

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Tips to layering this winter…

  1. Make sure your first layer is really fitted as this avoids bulk and will keep you toasty warm from underneath.

  2. The first fitted layer will look odd and create a horizontal line if it’s significantly longer than the second layer – tuck in for added warmth.

  3. Be careful where you place the second layer – avoid your widest most unflattering point if you’re conscious of it – i.e. your hip line or thighs.

  4. If you’re applying garments in heavy/thick textures keep in mind these will add heaviness and thickness on your frame also.

  5. Sleeveless gilettes, vests, pashminas, scarves and cardigans are ideal for warmth while adding less bulk. They’re great for leaving on indoors to maintain the outfit look you want to wear all day.

  6. Layering is convenient if you need to remove items throughout the day while still looking fab.

  7. Make the second layer a sheer or chiffon piece so that you don’t feel hot or overwhelmed with fabric after you add 1-2 more layers again.

  8. Get creative with the colour combinations you use throughout your layering pieces for fun.

  9. A monochromatic colour combination with different textures can create a minimalist look thus avoiding bulkiness.

  10. If the last layer applied is a classic coat or blazer the outfit will immediately look more formal. This is handy for going off to a meeting, function or an important event.

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