AW 17 Pantone Palette 2AW 17 Pantone Palette


I’m always excited as to what hues are coming for each new season. Since autumn is ‘right now’, my favourite season and colour palette I think we need to look at the current colours.


So who determines the colour palette for each season? The Pantone Colour Institute – which are the global colour authority for the fashion world! This is how the colour palettes and trends are decided…

Every season the team at the Pantone Colour Institute evaluates the colours shown by fashion designers in their collections at New York Fashion Week. This information is then used to create The Pantone fashion colour report where we highlight the top ten colours for men’s and women’s fashion for the upcoming season. For the first time ever we have added London Fashion Week to our seasonal colour reportage”.

This means we have two palettes for autumn, or ‘fall’ if you happen to be American. A total of 20 colours and neutrals for guys and girls instead of the usual 10. This inevitably brings more choice and better variety to the stores. And I must say I’ve been pretty impressed with the brightness and vibrancy I’m seeing lately while out shopping with clients.

It’s great to see that every colour on the colour wheel is included in both palettes – or versions of every hue as some are tinted (white is added) to make them lighter, toned (grey is added) to make them more muted and some are shaded (black is added) to darken them.

Pantone give each colour a specific description to explain something about it which really personalises that colour. This helps us relate to, or match colour to our personality, thus making clothes shopping all the more fun and meaningful!

I’m crazy about Autumn Maple, Lemon Curry and Navy Peony.

”Autumn Maple’ is described as…”A quintessential autumn colour, autumn maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette”. Click on the image to enlarge : )

AW 17 Pantone Palette 2

This hue would be one of my best skin enhancing colours.

‘Lemon Curry’ is described as…”Exotic and spicy, lemon curry adds a touch of piquancy to the seasonal colour story”.

AW 17 Pantone Palette

Exotic is the name of my actual colour group/palette which is warm, deep and toasty.

And ‘Navy Peony’…”The dependable and anchoring navy peony is a mainstay for the season. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral”.

AW 17 Pantone Palette

This is such an exciting neutral to work with, and blue is known to be the friendliest colour in the spectrum.

Both these hues and neutral are throughout my wardrobe in many items – they also help to make up my exciting and easy A/W capsule wardrobe.




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