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Last post I talked about four of the current ‘trends’ we can all do reasonably well without presenting ‘over the top, daggy or ridiculous’.

They included…the Mom jeans, bomber jacket, hoodies & the motor cross leather look. Of course anyone can show up not looking quite right in any of these items, therefore, once again I encourage my readers and clients to do it ‘your way’ and according to what makes you happy – it’s amazing what fabric can do for a person when it’s expressed individually.

Let’s continue on and look at three more items to consider for an autumn wardrobe update…

MetallicsMetallics are an ageless trend and return season after season, therefore, could easily be considered a classic feature/accessory. Great for brightening up any wardrobe and can be a fabulous replacement for jewellery. Whether they’re a loud, or not so loud statement they’re a super adaptable and playful way to add shine and pizazz to your outfit.


If you have exuberant flare when it comes your clothes feel free to go all out in a head-to-toe silver or gold dress. Or for something less noticeable a metallic camisole layered under a jacket or blazer looks stunning. And if this is all a bit too much try an on-trend metallic clutch, earrings or sneakers with a gold trim like I have for a sporty appeal with added wow factor.

Flared pants – It’s a well-known fact that fashion recycles itself and turns up again at some point! And while we’ve turned our noses up at flared pants over the past ten years or so, wide-legged bottoms are making a huge and exciting comeback. However, we’re not quite done with the skinny designs yet, they’re not obsolete, therefore hang onto them for a little while longer. Designers have decided this autumn to bringing back bell bottoms from the early 2000’s and the mid-’70s.

Wide Legs

The neckerchief – I’m excited to see this trend pop up! Timeless, elegant and relaxed if you want it to be. Depending on your mood and outfit you can tie your neckerchief numerous ways to achieve different ‘looks’. Wearing it with the tails facing down at the front of your neck will give a western appeal. Wearing it to the side will give that cute French twist, and with the tails at the back you achieve the very popular chunky choker ‘look’ – numerous possibilities with the neckerchief.

The neckerchief is usually a lightweight fabric making it the perfect transeasonal accessory. Wear one for a touch of extra warmth, added interest to your outfit, or to enhance your skin, eye and hair colour.


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