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Have you made some New Years resolutions? Now is the perfect time to reflect on last year and reassess what’s important for 2017. Over my last few posts we’ve looked at the traps of the January sales, and the many common shopping mistakes made during this time of the year.

Four great questions to begin with…

Do you want to look even better than last year?

Do you have fresh image and wardrobe goals for the new year?

Have you had a long hard look in your wardrobe already this year?

And does your entire wardrobe need a big overhaul and clean out?

People tend to re-establish, relocate, change jobs and careers at this time of year. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check if your clothing items suit and support where you’ll be going in 2017. But most importantly do your clothes really represent and reflect the best possible version of yourself – that is personal and professional.

Let’s discuss one of the best ‘New Years’ solutions you can apply to your wardrobe!

I love and use the ‘capsule wardrobe’ concept often. I’ve been talking and writing about it for years now, and have helped lots of my clients establish their own. If you’re a ‘random shopper’ type person that loves ‘one off’ and ‘stand alone’ pieces the ‘capsule wardrobe’ may not appeal to you.

Some capsule wardrobes can be boring, and you’ll want to turn over clothes more quickly if this is the case. Therefore, the items must be appropriate but also put a smile on your face and be ‘telling’ of your personality!

A ‘capsule wardrobe’ is not 30-50 items in a wardrobe that somehow and hopefully all go together but really don’t. Rather, it’s a small selection of 10 or 12 -15 (your choice) items that perfectly work together and in a myriad of ways.

Most of us will need and want several capsule wardrobes to reflect the different aspects of our life – work, weekend, evening, sport, smart casual, holiday, travel, pregnancy, budget and busy mum ‘capsule’ for example.

The other great thing about ‘capsules’ is that you can gradually replace and add to them as your garments date and wear out. You can also overlap the items from one season to another and from outfit to outfit. 

Here’s what you need in order to start and create a capsule wardrobe…

PV Cap


X2 cardigan or jacket

X4 pants/skirts

X6 tops

Both the cardigan and jacket must go with every top and all of your pants/skirts. The tops don’t need to match or work together, however they must go with all of the bottoms and outerwear pieces – see pictures.

More tips on colours, patterns & accessories for your capsule wardrobes next post.




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